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I am Doris, an author, composer and poet.

I come from all over the world (Paris, Yaounde, Pointe-à-Pitre, Cayenne...).

When I was a child, I regularly heard my father sing “Ne me quitte pas” ( *Don’t leave me*, a famous French song from Jacques Brel) to my mother. And my mom never left. I wrote my first refrains being convinced that no one would leave me thanks to beautiful melodies. And to be honest, I didn’t really grow up, I still believe in it.

I sing to make emotions travel and to create a powerful connection between your soul and mine.


I love exploring styles without barriers. I often cross genres into never limit my art. But since record stores have to put my album on the right shelf, let's say I do neo-soul sprinkled with pop and afrobeat.


Through my music, I celebrate love, freedom, dandies, sorority, afro hair, high heels, croissants, and hypnotic bass lines.


Crédit photo : Corinne GABELE

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